Veteran Owned & Operated

How it started

WITH OVER A QUARTER CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE in the areas of fitness and coaching, John Jarman knew the value of personal fitness training and the difference using the best equipment available can make. He also understood how difficult it was to find trusted knowledgeable trainers with access to the equipment. He knew with dedication and hard work, he could provide the public with expert trainers and the advanced fitness equipment they would need. He opened a fitness studio in University Place in 2012 specializing in personal training. The personal training center also offers health and wellness classes utilizing the TRX Suspension Training System.

Pictured: John Jarman in action

WE ARE NOT A BIG BOX GYM with profits the goal.
Our interests center around each individual member and their specific needs and goals. A person’s quality of life is directly tied to how they feel and function and we want to do everything we can to help people continually improve their fitness level.

Some people have physically demanding careers such as police officers and firefighters. Others may have a physical challenge or disability. Many want to stay fit while others hope to participate in college or professional sports. Regardless of the reasons people come to Summit Strength & Conditioning, everyone is important and has specific needs. The big box gyms simply are not equipped to provide the personalized service, expert trainers, encouraging atmosphere, and training equipment that Summit Strength & Conditioning provides.


SUMMIT STRENGTH & CONDITIONING’S FITNESS TRAINING PHILOSOPHY centers around strengthening the person’s core and balance. We are constantly striving to provide members with the best fitness technologies available that specifically address those two aspects.

John is proud to say Summit Strength & Conditioning was the first gym in the Puget Sound to provide people with the TRX Suspension Training Equipment. Following that achievement, he brought in VertiMax, the best speed and performance training available. His newest acquisition is the SlackBow™ Balance Training System rounding out his arsenal of exercise equipment.

Personal Training For As Low As $11!

Summit Strength & Conditioning leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their peak. We offer 1/2 hour and 1 hour personal training sessions with individuals, tandem partners, and groups!