Individual & Group Fitness Training.

Summit Strength & Conditioning offers a wide range of dynamic and functional personal training as well as sports specific training for all ages. We will meet all your fitness needs starting with a comprehensive fitness evaluation to determine you current fitness level. Then we will set up the best program to help you reach your peak fitness level based on YOUR goals. Your program will be set up to meet the five components of physical fitness. Your training will include nutrition counseling & food tracking to help you reach YOUR goals quicker. We will also conduct a partner assisted neuromuscular stretch at the end of every session to improve flexibility.

Five Components of Physical Fitness:

Cardiovascular Endurance
Muscle Strength
Muscle Endurance
Body Composition

Significant Savings With Group Fitness Training.

Hour Session

Per Session

1 Session – $88.00
12 Sessions – $66.00
24 Sessions – $60.50
36 Sessions – $55.00

1/2 Hour

Per Session

1 Session – $49.50
12 Sessions – $33.00


Per Session

$33.00 Per Person


Per Session

Per Person
9+ Athletes $11.00
6-8 Athletes $16.50
3-5 Athletes $22.00